Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women

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Historically and in today’s society, women have disadvantages as compared to their male counterparts while in the workplace. Traditionally in the Islamic cultures, women were not given equal rights to their male counterparts and not able to achieve the goals and careers that men did. Even after women gain rights, they still do not have the same rights as men. It has nothing to do with talent or intelligence, but only gender. In our society today, women are treated differently because of their gender, are not given raises that commensurate with their station and often make less compensation than men. Women, also must often deal with sexual harassment in the workplace which leaves physical and emotional scars. As historically, in society today, women are treated unfairly in the business world because they receive less compensation than men, are
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Women are also stereotyped as stay at home mothers. There is an invisible restriction put on women by men that they can’t be a mother and have a full time job at the same time. Neil French, the WPP Group PLC executive stated women “Don’t make it to the top because they don’t deserve to” and that “women are rarities in the senior corporate positions because most are unwilling to make the personal sacrifices of time and energy required to be the boss” (Maich). The words spoken by this successful male go to show the inequality faced by women every day. Women have an even harder job balancing household obligations and a job. Men place the stereotypical duty of women to stay at home and not work, or work and not have any kids. It is the 21st century and there should be an equal obligation of both the husband and wife to take on the household opportunities. Then, men and women both can succeed in the work field without the household restraints holding women

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