Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Life Balance

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Introduction With respect to the advantages and disadvantages linked with the work-life balance / imbalance can affect multiple levels of the society, because work-life balance is a combination of interactions among different areas of a woman’s life. There are numerous disadvantages associated with work-life imbalance. Those disadvantages impact both the working women and her employer. For the women employee, the consequences can have a destructive effect on work, life satisfaction, mental health, well-being, physical health and individual performance in organizations. If employers fail to improve work-life balance, he will face consequences like poor performance of employees, absenteeism, sick leave, higher staff turnover, recruitment and training costs.
The situation will turn up side down if the employees are able to achieve a balance between their work and life. If the women employees could achieve their balance their work then they can reach their full potential and be fully engaged to the organization and will be able to meet their personal and professional goals and objectives. Positive work
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Employers have started to recognize that flexible working hours makes good business sense. So, employers started providing working patterns that would suit the working women’s needs. As a result, women employees are now allowed to take up part time jobs or choose flexi time or annualised hours or compressed hours or staggered hours or job sharing or they can work from home. This flexibility helps the women employees to easily deal with the pressures of home issues and they will be more productive when they are at their job. This flexibility also helps women employees to concentrate more on their family issues or personal issues and helps to avoid those headaches affecting their productivity and damaging their reputation at work

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