Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Abroad

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Nowadays, many people are materialistic. There are people who want to have different things. One good example of this is having gadgets. They are more focus on this things, that will give happiness and satisfaction on their life. By using these, I can say that technology now are very useful in our daily living. It makes things easier and it gives pleasure and entertainment to each and everyone of us. Now through the use of this, there are certain symbol that I will show to you ( facebook, viber, kakaotalk, line, messenger, etc.) . . Probably most of us know this. Who among you are using this? When do we often use this? These are the means in communicating to the people that we know especially for the people who are in a long distance or in a far away land. Now, who are the person that I’m pertaining that they are in a far away land? These are the people who work in abroad. Working abroad, what comes in your mind when you hear this word? Working abroad pertains to a great opportunity and a major challenge. Many people think that working abroad is the way to improve one’s lifestyle and it would make their life easier. They think that they will get what they wanted to have, in short to live luxuriously. Working abroad, it sounds good but in reality it’s not easy. They might encounter different challenges that they need to surpass by themselves for a long period of time. They take risk even if its hard simply because for many reason. They do this not just for their personal
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