Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Alone

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These days, there are many companies that prefer working in teams rather than for each person to be working individually. They view working in groups as a more efficient and faster way to complete the tasks given. But what the companies overlook, is that not everyone works better in teams. There are two types of people, introverts and extroverts. Introverts are people who prefers to be alone as they are the type that enjoys thinking to themselves. They often avoid socializing with others as it clears their mind better to be alone. While being the opposite, extroverts enjoys being around people more and tend to get bored easily when alone. They are the type to think while they talk instead of thinking to themselves. People who are introverts are especially the type who work better by themselves. There is also a plausibility of conflicts breaking out when certain people work in a group together. This can be due to poor communication, weak leadership, change in leadership, dissatisfaction with management style, seeking power and etc. For example, when two employees who don’t see eye to eye were to be sent to work in the same department, there would immediately arouse a tension in the air. Adding on that they are…show more content…
One of the most significant advantage of working alone is that you do not have to take orders from anyone else and the decisions are all up to you. Which wouldn’t restrict your working methods and lets one have more freedom to work out the task in their own desirable way. The time and place done is also a choice that is optional to those who work individually. Another advantage is one can take full credits on the project or task. This is because it was done by the person alone so there is no need to share the credit with others. There will also be no issues such as when one gets acknowledged for a job well done despite doing less or even none of the work load just because he/she was part of the

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