Advantages And Disadvantages Of Young Adult Market

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-yes. I think young adult Indian market is a important factor which shoppers stop focus into its long term growth plan India had second largest population county in the world from exhibit 4 we can see 70 percent of population of India is lays on age group 0 to 35 then we talk about the young India the age group 15 to 35 is 35 percent of total population also, the adult segment is into explore new things in a market they are very curious to know about the new product so it can also help to shoppers stop to create a new innovation in his retail store. According to exhibit 7 the Indian young population increasing with rapid speed so the Shoppers’ Stop could no way ignore the adult segment of India market in order to survive and make profit in…show more content…
Changing demographics
2. Income
3. easy availability of credit
4. govt. in India most for the youngster work in call center and BPO that’s why their disposable income is very high at point of this age they do not believe in saving they just want to live luxuries life and spend money in cloths so the retail store should take advantage for this they should introduce new products according to young Indian need and capture the highest market share feb. 2006 govt. allow 51 percent of FDI it become major driver of revolution
As according to this case it is easy to establish a premium brand store in one tier city but it is difficult to develop a brand image is 2 and 3 tier city but since Indian youth have lot of disposable income, it is easy to establish a premium brand store in one tier city but it is difficult to develop a brand image is 2 and 3 tier city.
Ques 3 -After it had decided to focus on young consumers, Shoppers’ Stop needed to create new categories, discover new segments, unfold new formats, develop new distribution channel, experiment with new media and advertising vehicles, form new store structures and rewire the entire organisation to make it more responsive to young customers. How could this enormous task be
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As now shopper stop focus on the young customer so they have to operate according to young India culture as they should use internet for the marketing or promotion of every product tools like buzz marketing and viral market they should use as if we talk about the product mix making available party wear, traditional as well as casual clothes at a same time all these things create goodwill of the store
New store structures could be developed as the taste and preferences of the consumers the teste is vary from one city to other city Therefore, if only targeting youngsters, things should be more of dynamic and active.In order to implement everything, an organised flow of decisions and ideas in needed within the organisation and outside the organisation as

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