Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zara

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In 1975 , the first zara store was opened by Amancio ortiga , who worked in textile for almost 20 years before, working in textile made him recognize the importance of controlling all production aspects , accordingly he designed a production system that contains all the aspect in one vertical integrated supply chain system .
Recognizing the time factor and the importance of marinating the healthy reactions with customers and keeping up with fashion are the most important strategies of zara , thus, starting from the store , the store managers are entitled for collecting the information and the actual feedback of the customers , absorb their comments and understand their requirements regarding the desirable designs and the materials.
All the collected information observed from the real customers are being sent to the designers who start working on it to
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The first disadvantage of fast fashion distribution system lays in imitation the designs of the big brands and fashion designers , but when you compare the quality , the finishing and the items used in zara’s items it is totally different and cheap , maybe it is more suitable for the client who is following the recent fashion trends with a medium quality .
Another disadvantage recorded by the clients , that they have experienced scarcity due to the low quantities and small batches of items produced by Zara , as Zara can merchandise their shelves from 2 to 3 times per week , so if you can not get the item now , maybe you will miss it out forever, however this makes the clients visit the stores more often to check out the new collections and enjoy the uniqueness of their

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