Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zoonosis

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Safety signs
Safe condition sign
This sign has a green background with a white symbol on it. It gives you information about a safe condition such as the location of the first aid equipment.
Warning sign
This sign has a yellow triangle with a black border on it. It shows you that there is a risk of danger such as slippery floors.
Prohibition sign
This is a white, circular sign and has a red border and cross bar that goes from the top left to the bottom right. This indicates that no smoking or entry is allowed.
Mandatory sign
This sing is a blue circle with a white background which indicates that you have to do something such as wearing protective equipment.
Zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from an infected animal to humans. Forms of zoonosis can be bacterial, viral, chlamydial, fungal and parasitic.
An example of zoonosis is Psittacosis. This disease is found in birds. It causes fever, headache and pneumonia in a person. This can be transmitted by inhaling infected birds, secretion and contaminated housing of birds.
List of safety tips
In veterinary practices no smoking is allowed
Noise level should be kept at a reasonable one and you must never shout at the patients
Eating and drinking can only be done in those designated areas.
The public visiting the clinic should only be allowed to access the reception area, waiting room, toilet and consulting rooms.
The medication and drugs that are used in the veterinary practice should not be used by humans.
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