Essay On Advantages Of Technology In Education

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Due to the technological advancement which can significantly be seen for these past decades has caused an increment of interests towards its potential in the area of education. As new technology emerges, new methods of teaching and learning can be formed. Different courses and subjects may need their own teaching approach to accommodate to their students’ learning style. Thus it can be hard and irrelevant to standardize specific technology integrated teaching method to all subjects and courses. Within the computer science sector, it is not foreign for the lecturers to incorporate technology into their classroom. Essentially, computer science is a course that focuses on the technical and theoretical aspect of how computers can be operated or used in the real world. However, majority of topics in computer science requires a great amount of abstraction level, which can be difficult to accommodate in teaching and learning (Smith, Lameras, &…show more content…
Firstly, there might be a technology access issues among students. Logically, not all students will have the luxury of owning a digital device such as laptops and smartphones. Thus to eliminate the participation of those kind of students are not practical in the long run. Secondly, gaining full participation from students can be far out to reach especially if the activities involved are not compulsory or irrelevant within the subject or course outline. Also, their “just enough” or “just in time” attitude will surely contribute to low participation in online activities (Lefever & Currant, 2010). For example, the creation of a Facebook group might end up just having students joining it without them giving any contributions to any discussion. Moreover, the repeated usage of a certain technological approach inside a classroom will cause a wear off effect towards the
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