Advantages And Effects Of Education In The Philippines

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Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of Study Education is an important tool in life of every citizen in the Philippines. This serves as the key to success that will bring the people in a better future. Education is essential for everyone. It is the height of education that makes people earn and gain respect, admiration, recognition and reverence. It is vital and crucial part of life both personally, mentally and socially (Lindog, 2012). This will help people to improve and gain more knowledge about different unfamiliar things. Education is fun and must be enjoyed by every Filipino Citizen. Education in the Philippines now is different from the past and also in what we have right now. Students from the past just use books in order to get the information they need but now they are using technologies and every year it advances and improves to…show more content…
The word “Technology” can be heard anytime and anywhere. It can bring happiness, comfort and also enriched lives of people especially students through additional programs, applications and software. Technologies have entered classrooms and schools worldwide as link to new knowledge, resources and high order thinking skills. Computers, online services, the World Wide Web and other innovative technologies have enriched the way the students learn and altered the types of teaching available in the classroom. Schools’ access to technology is increasing steadily every day and most of these newer technologies are now even used in traditional classrooms (Constantino,2012). An advanced technology has many positive effects in a student but still there are negative ones that will affect the academic and moral aspect of every student. Not only the students are the ones who are affected by this advancement but also the teachers who are really teaching them. The current education advancement has been enhanced largely by technology. Statement of the

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