Advantages And Objectives Of ASEAN

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nation is an organisation of political and economic integration of the ten Southeast Asian Countries. ASEAN was formed on 8th August 1967, by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Since then, the membership of ASEAN has extended to embrace within Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, BURMA, AND Vietnam too. The aims of ASEAN are accelerating the economic growth, increase social progress and sociocultural evolution among its members. Apart from this, maintain regional peace and security, widen the opportunities for counter member to resolve differences peacefully may also know as main purposed of ASEAN organisation. Therefore, ASEAN has achieved a greater success in term of established peace and security in Southeast Asia. As follow, ASEAN as the political security has managed to achieve peace and security throughout the region, despite occasional eruptions of bilateral territorial disputes among its member states, for instance, the current standoff between Cambodia and Thailand (Ardichvili). In corner of economic, ASEAN has…show more content…
Production costs in Cambodia are higher than other ASEAN members and also neighbouring countries. For example, the major production input which is electricity was significantly higher cost compare than Vietnam and Thailand. The reason behind this is Cambodia more concern on imports a lot more products than its export. Garment and textile products currently account for the majority of its total exports, and its main markets are the US and the European Union. Moreover, Cambodia’s exports to ASEAN countries are mostly agricultural products in the form of raw materials. “In this regard, Cambodia does not have many goods for exporting to other ASEAN countries while imports keep increasing. Hence, its trade deficit is anticipated to significantly enlarge in terms of trade in the ASEAN region”, said Chheang Vannarith. (ASEAN Economic Community : Cambodia,

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