Advantages And Types Of Mass Media

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“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” - Jim Morrison, an American singer(BrainyQuote, 2015,Online). He states that media is an extremely powerful and controlling medium which could sway the minds of the public. The media has the strength to make the unbelievable believable and has got a firm hold on the imagination of the people.
In today’s day and age, mass media has structured and shaped the world’s perception of looking at things. It is recognized as one of the most important and influential mediums in the world. The development and advancement in all countries is also taking place due to mass media. It has become one such institution that has completely taken over the world.
In simple terms, mass media refers to mediums which
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Newspapers and magazines come in handy to people to know about the latest happenings around them. This is especially true with advertisements of products that are targeted to a specific geographical location, which can be done easily with the help of local newspapers or magazines. Along with that, since newspapers and magazines have been present from a long time, they have a loyal and trusted readership of people. People are easily attracted to magazines due to its glossy and colourful appearance. Advertisers have a big bonus in promoting their products in magazines as they are often read by people over a period of time. Similarly, products promoted in newspapers are profitable as newspapers are read by most people world over.
Print media offers an option to chose advertising space, this helps advertisers to manage their budget while deciding to showcase a product or service. Books make it possible for people to have an imaginative thinking and show a world that is far way from the reach of a human mind. Based on the target audience, leaflets and brochures may also be a good way for companies to advertise themselves or their products and
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People read the newspapers for the particular day and then keep them aside. They do not read it the next day as the news has become stale by then. Placing any content or advertisement in print media requires effective planning and time. Effective planning must be done several months in advance.Depending upon the medium, the cost can become very expensive. (Lad,2015). It only allows for one-way communication. There is no scope for interaction with the people. With the birth of Internet these issues can be surpassed, as internet is cost free, less time consuming and helps to reach a larger target audience than print media.

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