Microsoft's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Utilizing the identified strengths and opportunities First, Microsoft has the dominant brand image. Microsoft was named one of the world's best transnational workplaces in 2011. Besides that, Microsoft change the latest technology brand personality, so that children and young people can easily know how to use Windows. And their brand image makes everyone impressed. Whenever you talk about Microsoft, the Microsoft logo will emerge in your mind. Similarly, if there is another brand image in the minds of consumers, he will buy this particular product. A positive brand image can make the decision making process easier, thus facilitating a large number of duplicate purchases as well as major purchases. Second, Microsoft has strong alliances with…show more content…
To overcome this problem, Microsoft has invested in multiple network security teams and related facilities to address the threat of customers and technology ecosystems. Furthermore, the Microsoft Enterprise Network Security Group is a world-class team of architects, consultants and engineers working with organizations to help them migrate to the cloud more securely, modernize their IT platforms, and avoid and mitigate violations. If you still worry about your privacy will exposure, Microsoft has a setting security policy for a connected world. The Microsoft Network Security Policy Group works with governments and policy makers around the world to combine technical acumen with legal and policy expertise. The cybersecurity policy team, by identifying strategic issues, assessing the impact of policies and regulations, led by example, and promote breakthrough research to help promote a more secure online…show more content…
Microsoft (MSFT)'s main competitors include the industry's most famous technology companies. The list includes well-known brands such as Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), SAP, IBM (IBM) and Oracle (ORCL). But these companies cannot pose a threat to Microsoft due to Microsoft needs to effectively compete to remain successful. During this period, new competitors appear, experts predict that Microsoft's decline will be the same as other companies but Microsoft has maintained a superior business for over three decades no technology company can match its record. Furthermore, Microsoft is no slouch in the hardware business some very nice keyboard and mouse came out from Redmond. But this is not just the footnote of compensation for profit and loss, so the importance of this category is getting a bit more and more

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