Advantages And Weaknesses Of Shangri La Hotel

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• Lack of Western culture and have strong Asian ethnic values
• Limited focus on business travellers
Turn them into positives or strengths:
• Promote Asian brand recognition and culture toward global
• Create brand recognition among business industry
1. Purpose of advertisements?
• Direct Mail (Jumbo Card)
The purpose of the direct mail is to inform the existing customers and potential customers about the current offers by the Shangri-La Hotel. The direct mail informs the customers in a way of inviting. With the exclusive offers, the customers are able to have a memorable stay in Shangri-La Hotel with various services like rebates and free access to certain facilities provided by Shangri-La Hotel.
• TVC (30 seconds)
The purpose
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Methods of creating meaningful copy to customers in order for them to personalise it
• Use suitable language to convey the message across to the target audience
• Copy must be made from perspective of a customer from the target audience
• Use the right emotional appeal in the overall advertisement
• Highlight the needs and wants of the customer who will prefer Shangri-La Hotel as their choice during vacation
Part E
1. Methods of wording my product’s benefits and differentiators so they talk to the customer and not about me
• The copy must be personal to the customers
• The description of the service must not be an overall description but to involve the customer in the description. Thus, the customer is able to foresee himself or herself into the scenario described with the product in the advertisement through his or her imagination.
• The word “you” must be heavily used in the advertisement in order to involve the viewers and readers into the advertisement.
2. Usage of “you” exceeds “we”?
• Yes in order to be interactive with the target audience. We used the word “you” frequently in our copy to show involvement of the customers in our advertisements.
3. Interactive
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Methods to maximize the space provided by the medium through copy
a. Direct mail (Jumbo Card)
The copy of direct mail gives the readers an insight about the Shangri-La Hotel. The headline and sub-headline are highlighting the hospitality quality provided by Shangri-La Hotel. The body copy will be focusing on the elaboration of exclusive offers during anniversary celebration of Shangri-La Hotel. The direct mail will end with a call to action and provide the readers methods of contacting Shangri-La Hotel for more enquiries on the exclusive offers.
b. TVC (30 seconds)
The copy in the TVC is to involve the viewers into the situation. The feel of frustration before and relieved after assistance was given by the hotel employees. The tagline of the TVC- Unfold your memorable moment with us is to highlight that the hospitality of Shangri-La Hotel is able to take on all your memorable events or celebrations. The humorous appeal in the TVC is to show the friendliness of Shangri-La Hotel’s employees.

3. Methods on enhancing the copy by the space provided by chosen medium
a. Direct mail (Jumbo

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