Advantages Of 4 Day School Week

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“According to the Education Commission of the States, about 100 of the country’s approximately 15,000 school districts, in 17 states, use four-day weeks.” stated by Cindy Long. A four-day school week is a relatively new and innovative idea gaining popularity with students and teacher across the United States. The advantages of attending school only four days per week far outweigh the potential disadvantages. The financial savings to districts that jump on the four-days-per-week can be tremendous. Having a 4 day week would benefit not only the students, but also the teachers.
A 4 day school week increases free time for teachers and the students. The teachers will get more time to finish papers and work on upcoming projects. Moreover, with a whole day to work a teacher can plan out a lab or a classroom activity to do the next day. Having a 3 day weekend will also increase the time spent with families. On average, teachers only spend 62 hours awake out of the 168 hours in a week with their families. In addition, students will also have more time to finish an assignment. Students only get 2 days to finish
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The 4 day school week began as a way for school districts to cut costs. In many school districts running a bus is a considerable expense, however cutting school to 4 days would lead to significant savings. Moreover, having all school facilities open for only 4 days in a week can make a huge difference when it comes to savings in many aspects, including custodial pay, transportation, teacher pay, utility bills, food costs and other miscellaneous expenses. Equally important, cutting a school week down will decrease the amount of money students will have to pay for meals. Over 56% of students in America eats the food provided, which means on average a parent is paying $414 a year for meals. A 4 day school week largely impacts the amount of money parents have to pay for student
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