Advantages Of 4g Technology

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1. Introduction:
Information and communication technology includes wide range of devices like radio, television, cellular phones, computer hardware, software, network and all applications associated with them such as videoconferencing, teleconferencing, e-commerce and distance learning. The telecommunications industry all over the world has constricted to bring all the services and facilities available to networked computers to mobile devices using advanced wireless communication technologies. 3G technology offers different services to customers like high bandwidth, packet-based transmission of text, voice, video, audio and multimedia needed support through Wide code division multiple access (W-CDMA) and time division-code division multiple
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The existence 4G technology is valid testimony for massive and explosive growth of wireless mobile communication technology which is propagated through its predecessors 3G, 2G and 1G [1-2]. The main objective 4G network is customization of a flexible and ubiquitous service provision enhancing the bandwidth and speed in the middle of 2012 based on digital broadband packet and all IP. 4G technology can be affectively used to provide the customized and ubiquitous knowledge to the learners of distance education students through smart mobile phones. The challenges of 4G wireless networks like 4G global roaming across multiple wireless and mobile networks, accessibility, handoff, coordination of location, wireless security and authentication, network failure and backup and pricing and billing demanded further development in mobile wireless communication technology and gave birth to 5G technologies [3-4]. When 5G is implemented in near future between 2020 and 2030, it is expected that, it will change the world of World Wide Web (WWW) and cell phone with unified global standard, world wide roaming, high bandwidth and all…show more content…
• Information rate that can be transmitted over specified bandwidth or spectral efficiency will be highly improved compared to 4G technology.
• It can able to provide advanced billing interfaces
• It is going to provide virtual private network.
• Virtual presence and virtual navigation can be highly improved compared to 4G technology specially in multimedia services
• Uploading and downloading speed of 5G technology is going to be improved very much compare to present 3G and 4G technology.
• 5G technology expected to have extra ordinary capacity to support different types of software and hardware interfaces
• Multimedia services with ever seen efficiency any where, any time and anyplace or ubiquitously.
• Expected to provide services without affecting to human health or eco-friendly and environment friendly.
• 5G architecture mainly going to based on nanotechnology, cloud computing and all IP-platform.
• Web standard is expected to Wwww (IpV6)
• Unified IP technology and combinations of broadband, local area network (LAN), wide are network (WAN), personal area network (PAN) and wireless

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