Advantages Of A Small Family

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According to Sebastion honig (1999),building the form of childhood is connected to the form of adulthood.However they get judged by the social and political context as people criticize the weakest points of their child,the powerless,silenced and broken parts of him.Having big families may be exhausting, it changes you its not an easy thing to pull.Parents always want to make the best decisions for their children.The most essential decision they have to make is the size of their family.Parents have to consider whether its better for their children to grow up in a large family or to grow up in a small family.A large family and a small family both have their own advantages and disadvantages in the aspects of family 's finance and child companionship.

Back then people were surly different, they didn 't live an exciting life at all yet it was an insult to them ,they weren 't materialistic as they weren 't that rich yet they get satisfied by small things,they didn 't expect much, they had a low self-esteem,people nowadays all they want is to get distracts andcarried away,people had 8 kids yet figured how to satisfy their needs (Noonan,Aug99).A family financial condition is tightly related to the size of the family.The living cost for a large family is defiantly much higher than the living cost of a small family.As the result, children in a a large family would have less financial supports from their parents.As you need to have bigger cars and it may be even a mini van,bigger

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