Advantages Of Adaptive Learning

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THE TESTING OF ADAPTIVE LEARNING TECHNOLOGY 1 Introduction The topic introduced in this research paper is the benefits and drawbacks of Adaptive Learning Technology. Adaptive Learning Technology refers to any software or online resources that adjust to the needs of the individual learner. Remediation, reactions and responses are recorded and collected data predicts where the learner must focus in order to improve performance. Many envision this to be the new patient tutor who provides personalized instruction in the future. I currently operate a Homeschool for less than 25 students and believe that it is beneficial for students to have a personalized approach to learning. I would like to expand my school with the knowledge…show more content…
Systems automatically sense learning objects in the actual environment in order to assist the learner in carrying out learning activities that match their actual context. Personal learning management: The system can automatically record each learner’s personalized learning profile and progress in order to assist the learner with learning self-management. Adaptive learning: Adaptive learning is based on the idea of adapting learning methodologies to students ' learning styles. The concept is that an individualized method of teaching will help students learn at a faster pace, more effectively, and with greater understanding. Some of the elements of adaptive learning include: monitoring student activity, interpreting the results, understanding students ' requirements and preferences, and using the newly gained information to facilitate the learning process (Paramythis & Loidl-Reisinger, 2004). Ubiquitous learning: This is an environment in any setting in which students can become totally immersed in the learning process. Education and learning is happening all around the student but the student may not be conscious of the learning process. Source data is present and students do not have to DO anything in order to learn. They just have to be there (Jones, & Jo,…show more content…
Problem solving support technologies help a student in a process of solving an educational problem (Brusilovsky, 1999). Student engagement Web-based education is currently a hot research and development area. The benefits of Web-based education are clear: classroom independence and platform independence. Web courseware installed and supported in one place can be used by thousands of learners all over the world that are equipped with any kind of Internet-connected computer. Thousands of Web-based courses and other educational applications have been made available on the Web within the last five years. (Brusilovsky, 1998). “Feedback should be of sufficient quantity; timely; it should focus on learning not marks; it should be related to assessment criteria and be understandable, attended to and actually used by students to make improvements on their work”. Appropriate use of learning technologies can encourage better engagement with feedback (Hepplestone, Holden, Irwin,…2011). These were the benefits now we will look at the challenges of adaptive learning

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