Agile Methodology: A Case Study

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There is need to adopt the Agile methodology to gather requirements & solution design quicker, easier and more effectively engaged with business using visualization software with rapid prototyping. To develop the production version of the prototype need to follow traditional Waterfall model to better organize the work. Essentially once solution design is done in agile methodology, we switch to waterfall model to development team to build, test and deploy. It takes lot of time to culturally shift every part of project execution in Agile method and so hybrid Agile-Waterfall model can be followed.

5. High-Level Solution —

Companies have been following the waterfall model for development of Analytics solution since many years and now in current
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Have close interaction between Rapid prototyping analyst and business partner about prototype and having feedback on features/functional from business partner. After multiple rounds of iterations with business partner. Prototype will be made ready for socialization with end users
4. For 2-3 weeks prototype is socialized with end users with help of business partner and get additional feedback and those prioritized and incorporated. End of socialization phase requirements/prototype is finalized
5. Parallel Solution Design covering production version of data design, business rules and Visualization design is done iteratively and this is finalized after 2-3 weeks after prototype is finalized

All above steps follow agile methodology having daily sprints between solution architects, rapid prototyping person and business partner to evolve requirements, build visual prototype on real data and not mocked up data in prototyping environment. Decide release of each feature on weekly basis for business partner to interact visually t to refine the business requirement

Last part of this approach is provide handover of solution design and visual prototype to build team comprising of data modeler, ETL and reporting/dashboard. Build team will be following waterfall model to take this design into production
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If you show them your idea in the prototype form, very few people will tell you all the things they think are right with it. But everybody will tell you all the things that are wrong with it. So you just write down, you copiously take notes about all those things and you fix them. And the next time you show up you have all those things fixed. It doesn’t take very many times before you have a product that’s delighting the people that you’re making it for. And so, we call this enlightened trial and

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