Advantages Of Agile Software Development

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Software Testing in Agile Software Development
Ömer Berk Gencer

This document was prepared for the first homework of the Se318 Software Verification and Validation course. This document will give you information about what the agile development method is and why it is used, information about what the software test is, agile software development software testing and some development approaches.
Keywords-Agile, Software Testing, Relationship between Agile and Software Testing, TDD, DevOps, Continuous delivery

In this article, we are going to learn the relationship between the agile software development method and the software test. This is a very well-known fact that agile development is the most commonly used development
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Software Testing and Agile
Agile software development focuses on individuals and interaction, strong collaboration with customers, and finally with short and frequent deliveries of valuable working software. If we look at these activities, they are useful from testing and quality assurance point of view, but if we compare Agile with other conventional methods, then we will come to know that from testing perspective, Agile methods have lacked in different important aspects of software testing process.
Tests in the agile world and tests in the Waterfall world are both very different in terms of preparation and implementation. In Waterfall, the basic logic is to make a very detailed preparation in advance, and then to test according to the preparation after application development is finished. In Agile, there is a test ration which develops in every iteration and adapts to a changing application.
Some of the differences in the agile testing process;
• We do not have long test periods, and every time we are expected to produce a product ready to be thrown into the production environment, there can be a serious time pressure.
• Agile testers are usually in the same team and working with developers and business analysts. This makes a lot of difference in terms of point of view and
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It aims at building, testing, and releasing software faster and more frequently. The approach helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production. A straightforward and repeatable deployment process is important for continuous delivery. Continuous delivery, on the other hand, is an approach to automate the delivery aspect, and focuses on bringing together different processes and executing them more quickly and more frequently. Thus, DevOps can be a product of continuous delivery, and Continuous Delivery flows directly into

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