Advantages Of Agriculture In India

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India, with its population of more than 1.2 billion is considered to be one of the most emerging economies in the world. India is expected to beat China in terms of total population by 2030 and feeding such a big population would be a big challenge. India is one of youngest nation in the world with nearly half of the population lying in the working age group, which is a big advantage.
India has some great advantages for agriculture. India has more than 20 agro-climate regions, where sunlight hours and day length are suited for round the year cultivation. Nearly, every type of climatic conditions, from Snow Mountains in Himalayas to sand deserts in Rajasthan, exists in India. The soil fertility of India is considered to be very good for the agriculture, which is one of the biggest advantages for agriculture in India.
The agriculture value chain is much crucial for the food security of the country, especially for the people living in urban areas. The urban population of the country has increased many-folds from 79 million in 1961 to 377.1 million in 2013. This huge rise in the total urban households and total population of the country is putting an increasing pressure on the agriculture sector to produce more. However, more than the productivity increment, the development of effective food supply chain is of utmost important to satisfy the hunger of the growing population.
The main reason behind the rising food inflation in the recent periods are inefficiencies in the

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