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Benefits of Airsoft The game of Airsoft is much like paintball. Both can be played with any arrangement of players, teams, game types, and scenarios. Airsoft and paintball have many similarities, but the key difference between the two are the kind of ammo that the guns shoot. The player’s honesty and integrity more greatly tested in Airsoft, because it doesn’t leave a colorful mess after the player is hit. Many Airsoft guns are replicas made by real rifle manufacture companies, so Airsoft guns look like the real deal compared to paintball. Also the plastic pellet ammunition for Airsoft is much cheaper and less messy than paintball ammunition. Some people will freeze paintball ammunition to cause their opponent pain, which can be much more dangerous. Some Airsoft replicas have the same weight and function of a real firearm, specifically gas blowback Airsoft pistols, so it can be used to help a person build a skill at handling and using a firearm. Law enforcement and even the military uses these guns for training…show more content…
When speaking of playing in a safe place and controlled environment, most of the time it’s in the woods or a rocky field with bushes and/or trees. Many people don’t spend quality time in nature, even on their free days. Airsoft is an unquestionably fun way to interact with nature. Getting a good day’s exercise in the trees and bushes while having fun. With that comes a bundle of health benefits involving spending time in nature, such as increased mental health, improved short-term memory and reduced stress. Spending time in a natural environment, even has possible anti-cancer effects as well as boosting the immune system. Also increases a person’s awareness of their surroundings, of both movement and nature. For the people who worry about the plastic pellet ammunition being harmful or littered in the environment, there are biodegradable ammunition that comes at a slightly greater

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