Advantages Of Alternative Medicines

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For many years people had been using alternative medicines and had been convinced by its effect but still it is neither popular nor recognized by the majority. Most of the people in different countries of the world are more familiar with the prescriptive medicines rather than the alternative ones and that has nothing to do with the effect of each but the way the medicines are being marketed and sold in the different markets in the world. May be prescribed medicines could be more specified each one is responsible for special kind of disease but that doesn’t mean that the alternative ones are not giving good and pleasant effect as well. Some opponents to the alternative medicines claim that alternative medicines can never be as effective or…show more content…
(BBC News, 1999) this proves that the alternative medicines are as good as the prescribed ones in treating people and is better than them in the side effects. Another benefit of the alternative medicine is that it is cheap and easy to get but the prescribed ones are not cheap at all and have to be got from pharmacies where some of them have to be prescribed by doctors in order to approve selling them. Those who are opponent to alternative medicines claim that there are some diseases that can never be cured only by the alternative ones and that alternative medicines are just herbs that can make the patient’s condition better but can never take off the disease completely. Adding to this they claim that if the alternative medicines had been that effective then people wouldn’t have using prescribed ones at all and doctors would have recommended them for his…show more content…
A referral argument to that claims that not every prescribed medicine has side effect but some of them are very safe to use and there is only side effects to those who are allergic to specific substances or that are using other types of medicines and that’s why it is written in the prescriptions when and how can people have side effects and what they can exactly do if it happened that they suffered

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