Advantages Of An Alliance

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The next strategy is to attack his relationship and alliances with other nations. According to the website of, alliances refer to the act of allying or state of being allied in which a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes. In simplest way to explain, it means cooperative relation with other nation. Obviously, this strategic attack is mainly focus on attacking the relationship and breaking off the friendship of the enemies and yet building closer relationship with other nation in order to gain alliances. Based on the theory given by Sun Tzu, it said that one of the best strategies is to attack the enemy’s relationship and make alliance-relationship with other nations. However,…show more content…
In the same time, this will bring certain negative impact to the competitor. Thus, why is it so important to make an alliance and what is the advantages? First of all, alliances are mean for those who work together as their final aim is to move forward to achieve collective objectives. It can be the key source of competitive advantage and allow them to cope with other increasing global market. Alliance can be helpful enough to certain situation. For example, access sharing, expand geography reach and even economic advantage. Therefore, making alliances and building good relationship with them is certainly an important issue in the strategic plan. However, not all alliances are longer in fact strategic to a company while all these partnerships may help to contribute more value to the firm. This brings us a picture that alliances may sometimes benefit the company but in contrast it can be critical as well. Alliances are not something that able to last forever due to relationship is always fragile when it hits by own-benefit or any other…show more content…
But why do they making this alliance work? According to the official website of PwC, the PwC-¬Google for Work Alliance is about PwC member firms collaborating with Google for Work to help organizations reinvent, innovate and transform their business. Both Google for Work and PwC bring strengths to the table. From Google, companies get unprecedented innovation, technology platforms and Internet scale. From PwC, companies get deep industry experience and insights from strategy to execution. Thus, we can see that both of the company is actually gaining their own benefit in the

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