Pros And Cons Of Anti Federlism

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What goverment is trul best for this country? What govermetnt truly secrues the rights and libirtys of the people? Federlist or anti-federlsit? goverment more than anything else defines a country. is it to be succsesful or a failure, are the people to prosper or suffer? once you exiamin federlism and anti-federlism it becomes clear only one would lead to a successful country and that is federlism. Federlism is best for the country becuse it secures the rights of the people,provides a stable government and produces a fair system to create laws.

The first and foremost issue of government is to secure the rights of the people and federalism does this better than the opposition in a number of ways. By limiting the power of factions, providing
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In the case of america goverment must not choke out seed of a new country before it begins to plant its roots. Federlism not only provides stabilty but also provides the nesecary resose for america to grow by providing a central goverment with economic organization and legislative ability. Having a central government brings the states together into one country instead of the independent semi-countrys they were before to work for the best of the nation. With the strong supporting hand of central government states are less likely to succeed from the union and more likely to provide for and support the country to the best of the abilities of the state. The central government has three different branches each with limited power unique to the branch with the system of checks and balances no branch is able to breach past their bounds and leach power from another branch the power is disrtuped so that no branch has supreme athorty not only over the others but also over the country itself. The conistion of the federlist ,unlike that of the anti, allows for the central government to enact taxes . Taxes despite how unpleasant they might seem are a nesicary practice to provide for the common welfare of the people. Taxes allow for the militray which is needed to protect the citizens and thier rights, Taxes also provide for such things as roads which in common life are needed to fuction. Under the feds government the ability to regulate commerce would belong to the central govmernet. This is a neseity to limit the possiblity fo econmic choas . the third and final reason that the federlist system best provides for the stability and prosperity of the country is the way laws must be passed. The law is first drafted in one of the two houses of a branches called the house of reps , which is devided into congress and sente, once one of these
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