Advantages Of Apartheid In South Africa

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Apartheid means separation in Afrikaans, and is the official word on the racist regime in South Africa, which lasted from 1948-1994. Apartheid involved a segregation policy in which blacks and whites had to live apart. At the time in South Africa only the white people was allowed to vote, while the black population had fewer rights. The black population were forced to stay in their own areas, and had limited job opportunities compared to the white population. Restaurants, schools, beaches and other services, was also divided by race. Apartheid was slowly built-up from the moment the white people settled in South Africa.
It all started with discovery of diamonds and gold in South Africa in 1867. These findings sparked two wars between the
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During the 1980s the conflict intensified considerably. The Apartheid regime was strongly militarized and pounced black resistance with increasing violence. In 1985 they introduced state of emergency which lasted five years. In 1988 the government attempts to quell the resistance with imprisoning thirty thousand people in prison, and many of them were tortured.
The National Party succeeded long with the Apartheid system, but it feel together for several reasons. Firstly, because it was condemned and because it was contrary to international human rights, as well as generally accepted moral and ethical norms. All of this led to international opposition to apartheid, including economic sanctions. South Africa was also banned from the Olympics until 1992.
Overall, the opposition to apartheid became increasingly active and resulted into an expensive burden to the South Africa government finances. The organization African National Congress of South Africa that have been very influential in the fight against apartheid and 35 other banned organizations, revoked. In 1990, February 11, after 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela is freed. Mandela thanks everyone and President de Klerk for helping set him free, but says that there is more work to be done to end
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