Advantages Of Appeasement

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Appeasement is the policy of making compromise to the dictatorial power in order to avoid conflict .Appeasement was a policy adopted by Britain during the 1930s. This policy developed from the growing belief that some countries, especially Germany, had been unfairly treated in the peace settlement of 1918-1919. When Hitler started ruling Germany , he tried to stop the treaty of versailles as it consisted of aggressive and harsh terms that the Allied powers had put in for Germany , in order to avoid conflict , this policy was used .It reflected a sense, present in France as well as Britain, that the Versailles Treaty (1919) had either been too harsh initially or had become unenforceable. The main reason for this was to avoid war between Germany and Italy .The government was concerned with the weakness of its armed forces , notably the lack of defense and especially against the attacker .Any war in Europe involving Britain could threaten the security of her Empire. During the 1930s Britain 's empire had come under threat from Japan and Italy furthermore Britain had to deal with trouble in India and the Middle East (20 000 troops…show more content…
I believe that the the policy of appeasement was not exactly the right policy , it sure did give a lot of advantages but them those advantages itself were not enough as they were all short term advantages . I cannot think of a time where appeasement had actually worked . It can seem like the easy route but it will always come back and bite you . Appeasement was a failed policy and perhaps hastened world war 2 , a conflict it was meant to avoid . The war was anyway destined to happen but appeasement just postponed it a little bit .Indeed , appeasement was a denial of reality . With hindsight , many people blamed Chamberlain for being naive and foolish in “trusting” hitler who had proved to be a ruthless man who could keep up to his words . A misguided belief in “peace in our time “ was replaced by a reluctant acceptance of inevitably of
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