Arranged Marriage Should Be Banned Essay

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1. Introduction The law should eliminate arranged marriage and ban it in all countries over the world, and especially in uncivilized places. In places that are less developed and less modern because there is more arranged marriage then other civilized countries. The reason why arranged marriage should be banned because it can affect the society negatively. and arranged marriage can lead to many problems in the future such as, depressions divorce, suicide, plus to have a better generation their should be an end to this problem. 2. supporting argument Arranged marriage had lead to increase in violent behavior, and the violent behavior is a huge issue in our days, and the jails are filled with such cases. Continuing violence may lead…show more content…
The more people will sign for arranged marriage the less single women will be out there. Even if more people signed for arranged marriage or agreed on it their will still be women with no husband due to the sex ratio in the world according to the New york times Although There is more male being born then female in this world, still the number of deaths in male are greater because male susceptibility to disease is higher which means there is more female in our world than the male and also the female tend to live longer them men. Another reason why people think it is a better idea to be in arranged marriage, is that the countries that has a high number of arranged marriage also has a low divorce rate. It does not necessary Means that the lower the divorce the better it is, mostly when people choose to get divorce it is because things did not work with each other or they are not happy living together, in these cases it is better to get divorce than to continue living unhappy. Living Unhappy in marriage will affect both the husband and the wife badly, it can hurt them more than do them good, some times divorce is the best solution. In India divorce rate is low maybe because the women is afraid of getting divorce so she continue living her life unhappy, or she could be afraid of the reaction of her family and in some places people do not get divorced because they fear of what their society will say about them
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