Artificial Intelligence Disadvantages

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology of computer science that emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines that works and gives feedback like human beings. The concept of “Artificial Intelligence” was just introduced by Alan Turing but it was too complicated at that moment. Then, In 1956 Dartmouth Professor John McCarthy and his team proposed the same idea with a better perspective. The idea of artificial intelligence is to make computer learn things like a human being and to solve problems which are available to humans. AI is designed to perform tasks requiring human intelligence such as problem solving, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages. Artificial Intelligence has been designed by studying…show more content…
They also require time to time updates in their programs so that they can easily cater the new challenges that arouse in people’s day to day lives in this technologically advanced era. The machines also have a high cost of repair and maintenance which makes it financially difficult for a person once the machine is broken down.
• No Improvement with Experience: Machines cannot learn through past mistakes or experiences like humans. They will only lead to wear and tear because they store a lot of stuff in them but the way that information can be extracted, assessed or used is very different from human intelligence. Machine cannot respond according to the changing environment, instead, they need to be programmed every time so that machine can respond to the changing customer needs and wants.
• No Care for work: Artificial Intelligent does not carry any emotions in them and because of that they do not work as passionately as humans does. Machine Intelligence does not care or have any concern with the task they are performing, they are just programmed to do a job and that’s what they are going to
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