Advantages Of Audiovisual Translation

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‘Audiovisual translation is a branch of translation studies concerned with the transfer of multimodal and multimedial texts into another language and culture’ (Baker 1998: 13). Audiovisual translation can be applied on various fields – cinema, theatre, advertisement, television, and videogames. Routledge encyclopedia of translation studies describes audiovisual text as one that can be labelled as multimodal when produced by applying a range of semiotic resources or modes. Major modes in audiovisual texts include language, image, music, colour and perspective. Texts are multimedial when semiotic resources are delivered through various media in synchronised manner. According to Chiaro (2006), the audiovisual translation that concerns humorous…show more content…
Yet, the translator’s intervention is limited to only one of these aspects, i.e., the dialogue, leaving all the other features unchanged. In a comedy, which may well rely on several of these features concurrently in order to create the desired effect, if the verbal code is the only dimension which can be manipulated to aid the target culture in capturing the humour, the translator’s job is a delicate one. (Chiaro 2006:…show more content…
Specific features of the process of translation for dubbing
Dubbing is a procedure of cinematography, which consists of a separate and new sound recording of the text of a film translated into language of the country in which it is to be shown. (Fodor 1976: 22)
Dubbing is a method that uses overt translation and domestication to modify source text. It is of great importance to note that the work of translators that translate such kind of material is also of vital importance because there are also other parties involved in that process - dubbing actors. Dubbing actors need to achieve full phonological synchronisation and keep the source text atmosphere. To help actors in doing so translators should follow certain rules while working on a script.
First, for actor to achieve full synchronisation, the length of the target text should not be longer or shorter than the length of the source text. Otherwise, dubbing actor would not be able to record translated text at the same speed as the character on the screen or will lose

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