Advantages Of Authoritarian Government

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If I could be given a chance to talk to a development agency in the Philippines and choose what regime would best fit for our country, democratic and authoritarian systems would be the most common type. In most findings, authoritarian government make up the immeasurable big developmental attainments for several developing countries. A democratic government on the other hand, is more difficult to sustain. There is also the chance of being governed by incapable and irresponsible leaders. Some says that under this political system, there is no uniformity for only the rich are prioritized and not the poor. But does it make sense to give these benefits to a high-achieving regime just because it is authoritarian? Or are the progressive…show more content…
As there are no arguments, they can plan for the long term immediately and approach development problems in an adaptive way that can earn income and provide benefits for the mass of the population. Just look at the countries: Germany, USSR, Korea, and Singapore. However, this system also means violence and war, since this government encourages aggression, and in the Philippines, an authoritarian alternative is not sustainable enough since no one would want to repeat Marcos’ Martial Law all over again; it would not be of help in our current state, and no one would like to have their rights be taken away. Not all authoritarian regimes succeeded, majorities have failed as well. Probably in all aspects, we cannot compare our country to another since our country is an archipelago and for that, it is harder to control. Our country’s people is easily swayed to corruption. Not unless the whole system will change, having an autocratic government will fail. It would never appeal to Filipino voters who tend to favor showbiz personalities or people with name recall anyway. I believe that a political candidate with good intentions in our country is still unborn. Instilling an authoritarian governance will just rewind back to Marcos’…show more content…
However, I do not like term “oldest” as being used for the government because our democratic institutions are definitely declining instead of our economy having its benefits. The oligarchy is still leading in the entire state and there is a great division among the elites and the poor: Seeing our local TV shows like Eat Bulaga, for example, just prove the division of social classes in our country and mirrors the politicians that we elected, that even though they try to show everyone that they are willing to help the poor people in different places, at the end of the day, who gets the high ratings? Who gets paid? Who gets the money back? Who gets more advantage? Corruption and incompetence being the number one fatal combination of insufficiency that is raiding future generations of Filipinos many opportunities for developments while benefiting vested interests. It also mirrors how the non-elites are easily swayed by these kinds of entertainment, and that they will vote for those candidates that are always shown on TV. Try spending a day in the streets or ride the MRT in Metro Manila or go to EDSA to experience the traffic and know what is really happening in our

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