Advantages Of Authoritarianism

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Name Instructor Course Date Economic Growth and the Advantages of Authoritarianism Authoritarianism relates to a political or governmental system, practice or principle where individual rights and freedom are considered subordinate to the authority or power of a nation. This types of government tend to use suppression, disinformation and military threats to control its citizens. For instance, China is considered an authoritarian administration. The power can be centered on a smaller group or an individual, which, in most cases are not constitutionally answerable to the citizens. While Economic growth takes place when individuals take resources and reorganize them in a manner that creates more value (Bell, 2015). In the 1960s, Asia, and…show more content…
Therefore, authoritarianism can offer a basis for economic and market reforms that promotes income inequality and reduction in poverty. On the other hand, democracies generate an outburst of consumption demands and is inimical to economic growth. For instance, this has been observed mainly in Asian countries with authoritarian governments, for example in South Korea under the rule of Park Chung-hee (Kliman 221). In recent times, Vietnam and China have also experienced poverty reduction and rapid economic…show more content…
Economic growth in democratic government is weakened by leaders worrying about re-election. Politicians in democratic governments make decisions that are good for the short term but have devastating effects, on the long run, just to be reelected. . Authoritarian countries such as China do not have such challenges and thus have achieved economic development and stability. For example, the Ford the automobile company has continually been bailed out by the government after receiving net losses (Bell, 2015). The bankruptcy of Ford would result in loss of thousands of jobs, which would make the government and its leaders look bad. Therefore, the bail-out of Ford does not make economic sense, but has political sense, since it would damage the image of the current leaders and their political parties. With a good Authoritarian leader, such a company would not be bailed-out but the government would invest those resources in development projects. Authoritarian governments can easily focus on long-term developmental

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