Advantages Of Authoritarianism In The Philippine Government

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Philippine Government: Authoritarian or Democratic? They say democracy is not freedom in itself, but the institutionalization of it— a system wherein decisions rest freely on the public by majority rule. Standing in contrast to this, Authoritarianism, as defined in Britannica, is the principle of blind submission and concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally responsible to the body of the people. There have been numerous types of governments throughout history, but each type has always been dependent on a specific nation. Some types of government system would appear to be ineffective in one country but successful in another. However, the underlying question remains unanswered: what form of government…show more content…
One of the weak points would include a prolonged process of decision-making. Because there are more people in the government, law making and such would take a longer while. Aside from this, there is the possibility of blindly choosing incompetent, irresponsible, and corrupt leaders to govern its people. Nonetheless, being a democratic nation has several benefits namely, the rights of the citizens, the equality it promotes, the prevention of monopoly of authority, and decrease in revolutions since decisions are based on public will. As aforementioned, people rule in a democracy. In different circumstances, an autocratic regime would cost its people quite a number of things. Not only will its people be stripped off of their rights, corruption will also still be an issue and freedom to an extent would only be up to the dictator. Although this may be the case, there are certain advantages in authoritarianism. First and foremost, it would be relatively easier to achieve order and discipline. This may be attained through coercion and the like. Other than that, making decisions becomes simpler and quicker. The less the people are involved in the government, the less voices they would have to consider. Ultimately, these are the strengths and weaknesses of democratic and authoritarian political…show more content…
The Philippines can be more democratic by highlighting this area of this form of government. A more concrete instance could be the opportunity to run for office. They say there is equal opportunity; but in truth be told, you cannot run if you do not have the means to. Technically, one would be able to file a case in the COMELEC but would not be able to continue the race. As a democracy, being in a governmental position should not be limited to the wealthy. In my opinion, the government, therefore, must provide funding for the candidates to be able to run. Another factor I consider would be the due improvement of the sense of responsibility of government officials. Take Manny Pacquiao as an example. He showed up to work only four days last year, but he is still able to become congressman simply because he has the means. If there is one thing democracy leans on, that would be equal rights for all. So how could this be even called a democracy when processes, systems, and culture do not promote equality at

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