Advantages Of Automation In Tourism Management

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Amity Institute of Higher Education ASSIGNMENT Discuss what are the benefits and drawbacks from using Automation Systems in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry for its daily operations. Course: Bachelor in Tourism Administration (BTA) Module: Automation in Tourism, Aviation & Hospitality Submit By: Miss. Ramjith Anju Luvina Submit To: Mr. Preetam Seewoochurn Class: Cohort Four-Semester Three Date: 1stSeptember 2014 TABLE OF CONTENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my lecturer Mr. Preetam Sewoochurn for his assistance, guidance & encouragement and know how much I appreciate his leadership, faithful guidance and unsurpassed expertise. Added insightful instruction from the beginning of our program and…show more content…
According to the World Tourism Organization, tourists are people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for holiday and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity compensated from within the place visited. As a service field, tourism has various tangible and intangible elements. Major tangible elements include transportation, accommodation, and other components of a hospitality industry. Major intangible elements relate to the purpose or motivation for becoming a tourist, such as rest, relaxation, the opportunity to meet new people and experience other cultures, or simply to do something different and have an adventure. For example, let’s take Mauritius, a well famous touristic island found in the Indian Ocean which has Tourism as its main pillar. It got a new airport to welcome more tourists and recently Air Mauritius shifted from three stars to a four star in the list for Skytrax. They even ordered six Airbus A350-900. According to Africa, it got the best cabin staff and is also situated in the Top 10 African Airlines Company who got an award in the upliftment of airlines in the…show more content…
This journey has not always been smooth, but it has become clear that information technology is now a critical weapon in the industry. This has helped us to give the tourism industry a new dimension and new perspective. As far as tourists are concerned, the latter uses Information technology to have a look upon the destination they are about to undertake and visits. Since information is a crucial factor to the tourist in the planning, booking and during the travel, the role of ICT in the tourism industry cannot be neglected. The Internet, for instance, has become an important podium for information swap between the consumer and suppliers, (for e.g., hotels and attractions) or mediators such as travel agents. We noted that consumers are more and more using the Internet to obtain information on tourism destinations and offers to plan their tour. Rather than relying on travel agencies, many travellers now buy their own airplane tickets online and make online booking of accommodation and other facilities. Travel websites even offer virtual tours of the accommodation facility and destination attractions, thereby facilitating decision-making. This has been very useful to the tourist as they don’t need to displace themselves neither call the agent to have some advices. Here are some pictures of online booking

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