Disadvantages Of Becoming Certified

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1. What are the advantages of becoming certified? a. There are several advantages of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A few of these advantages according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) include Prestige and respect, career development, career security, job satisfaction, money, and benefits. The respect that CPA’s receive, come with being view as a member of a top group of professionals. CPA’s have great career potential after receiving this certification. They stand out to employers and have the license to obtain more authority in higher level positions. Becoming a CPA puts individuals in a high demand job creating great job security. This certification will bring the satisfaction by allowing…show more content…
The work experience requirements will depend on the state in which the individual is trying to obtain this certification. According to the AICPA webpage, most states require at least two years of public accounting experience but many states will also accept non-public accounting experience such as industry and government accounting positions. Some states implement a one-tier system where individuals must pass the CPA exam and complete the requirements to obtain their certificate and license. Other states implement a two-tier system where they obtain the certificate when passing the exam and the license when finishing the experience requirements (CPA Licensure, 2018). In Ohio, one year of experience in public accounting is required (Thiswaytocpa,…show more content…
In most states the AICPA ethics exam is required to be taken after passing the CPA exam in order to finalize the certification or obtain the CPA license. This exam is take home and is completed online or by paper at the individual’s convenience. If taken online the results will be immediate after submitting the exam. It is also set up in a multiple choice format containing 40 questions and requires a 90% to pass (CPA Ethics Exam Tips, 2017). i. http://www.ais-cpa.com/cpa-ethics-exam/ b. I believe this component is included in the process as a reminder to the new CPA of how important ethical behavior is. In my opinion, this ethics exam will be common sense but will still serve as a great way to refresh the individual of ethical behavior and how they need to act. Studying or even looking up the ethical guidelines that are tested will help imbed in their mind the ethical knowledge of how to act. This will be very useful when the new CPA is put in a stressful situation where unethical behavior may look like a better option. 7. After passing all parts of the examination, what steps must be done in order to receive the

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