Advantages Of Becoming A Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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1. What are the advantages of becoming certified? a. There are many advantages of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). These advantages are Respect in the field, career development, job security, job satisfaction and any other benefits. It is difficult to pass the CPA examination which means that people will be more likely to show respect in the field. Becoming a CPA will also help your career. Many employers look for elite level accountants to hire and move up within a company and CPA’s are always top candidates. The certification will also help your job security which in turn will help your job satisfaction. You will be less likely to lose your job and will feel more comfortable. Finally, The CPA is a hard exam to pass but the…show more content…
What are the work experience requirements, if any, to qualify for the certification? a. The work experience required in order to qualify for the CPA exam are different for every state. Most states require at least two years of public accounting experience. While some states will also accept work experience that is non-public. (AICPA, 2018) 5. What is the nature of the examination that must be passed in order to become certified? Specifically: a. Based on the examination guidelines that went into effective April 2017, what format(s) of question is(are) used (multiple-choice, essay, etc.)? a. The format for the exam is both multiple choice and task-based simulations. The Business Environment and Concepts portion of the exam also requires that the person take an essay on communication. b. Are there multiple parts? If so, identify each part and briefly describe the topics covered in each. Is the format the same for each part (time allowed and format of questions)? Must they be taken in a specific sequence and is there a timeframe within which all parts must be
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