Advantages Of Being Homeless

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Advantages Of Being Homeless
Right now you are at your house comfortable, but at any moment you could be homeless. You may say how is this possible;you could be homeless if your house catches on fire,you can't pay your bills,lose your job,and because of this you will become homeless.Do you ever realize there is more homeless people than houses in a really major city?,an thought of it goes through your mind that you can become one of them too.So here i bring you a perfect solution to this,remember if you can't beat them then join them. Even if you dont wanna join them you are already at risk of becoming homeless, so it's best you choose this way of living before life chooses for you.Once your living out in the streets, the fun part comes along you can get creative and live in whatever you want to keep you warm at night. I personally recommend to use cardboard boxes, they are honestly the best material you can use,and the advantages of living in this cardboard boxes is that, there is no taxes,no heat,no hydro,no phone bills,no maintenance fees,and this is my favorite one no people knocking on your
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Stop if you are worried that you will be missing out on reality TV or not being caught up on all the latest news, you don't need to worry because practically your life is a real life version of reality TV show survivor, just how the show shows you will might have to eat live bugs or who knows
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