Advantages Of Being Over Protective Parents

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Figure 1 Macoby and Martin’s simplification of parenting styles as seen in Bee’s The Growing Child (Source: Adapted from Macoby & Martin, 1983, Fifure 2, p.39.). Parents only want what’s good for their children and for them to grow intro great adults, for their children to be independent and to be able to undergo hardships. There are quite a few advantages of being over protective parents. Because over protecting parents control their children’s decisions and day to day activities, they are able to monitor their children and ensure their safety (Overprotective Parents, n.d.). Being over protective also helps the child to learn to limit himself and to control their emotions. Children have the urge to mimic their parents when they reach four…show more content…
As mentioned previously, a significant number of parents emphasize the use of punishment to ensure total obedience and submission of the child. Most overprotective parents discipline their child through physical punishment and only a few acknowledge the use of explaining and reasoning with the child. The following is a statement of a father and his experience and opinion in punishments: After punishment [such as spanking], we believe we should always end up reconciled, with a hug and a kiss, and the situation is over. No matter what the situation is or what the punishment is, we always love them afterward. As a matter of fact we show more love toward them after we have punished them. We don’t detract from the severity of the situation, but we want them to know they are not rejected, we still love them very much (Influences on Parent Behavior, p.…show more content…
According to Kentucky Department for Public Health, teens whose parents are more involved with them and know what they do in their free time are more likely to have higher self-confidence, better academic standing and veer away from negative behavior. Positive parental involvement takes time, patience and the skills because it means being available and catering to the child whenever they are in need of attention but it will surely pay off in the future. One great step to becoming involved with the child is to have family dinners which give both parent and child room for conversation in a familiar environment (Drinkworth, Positive & Negative Influences of Parents on their Children). One father stated his goal in parenting this
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