Advantages Of Being Single

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Final Essay Being Single Is Better Single life has become a popular trend in many people’s future choices. Some studies showed that “for some, "healthy, wealthy and single" has become a mantra for the 21st Century. It implies happiness, and even smug satisfaction, at being unattached” (Smith, 2013). In comparison with the past when marriage was generally a compulsory event of each person, whereas today it is not true, people also consider to live alone because of many fantastic things from this kind of living (Wallen, n.d.). For examples, single people are healthier, they have more social relationships and even they don’t have to worry too much about chores and money. Actually, being single is better than being married. There is an large number of single people who have a healthier life. For instance, research revealed that divorced people exercise more than married people, but not as much as the people who have always been single (DePaulo, 2014). It also seems that when people get married, they not only gain a spouse, they also gain a considerable amount of weight (Realbuzz, n.d.). So, with a single life, people can have a higher quality of health with many benefits. And that is why being single helps you live healthier than being married. Single people are more likely to have a more social life than married people. It is no doubt that a person will spend less time socializing after marriage or in other words, marriage resulted in less contact with parents and friends
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