Advantages Of Being Young

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Our society worships youth. Everyone loves to see those young, good-looking celebrities appearing on the screen. All the advertisements of makeup are convincing us to buy the substance with magic to help us look less aged. Why are people so eager to be young? What are the benefits of delaying the effects of aging? As a people with small age, with responsibility, I can say that being young is always pleasant and cheering, and even in the future when I grow older, I will think the same: being beardless is the best thing happens to every human being. When young, you are apt to be carefree and encouraged to live your own life. No matter what kind of disasters lying ahead of us, there will always exist our dear parents who are protecting us forever. We live in a completely carefree world, and nothing is terrible enough to trouble the young that much. If there is a wish inside to have a new haircut, then try it; if you have the interest in learning a new instrument, then here you go; if you…show more content…
There is no denying that growing old is sanity, and it means have a surer self-identity. However, I think it can be a more beneficial way to look for where I am, who I am, and what I am here for in the process of growing mature. There is possibility for the young ones to get lost in the midway. In my opinion, the true meaning of being a human is to figure out those questions as I mentioned. There is no need for the adolescents being upset about the uncertainty they feel about their values, goals, and dreams. Growing older doesn’t mean you will understand them naturally when you are aged. Some people already in their 50 can’t really know what does they fight for all these years. During seeking what is best for ourselves, we will find out the most crucial thing is the process, not the result. Being young doesn’t mean the health in the physical body, but in your heart, you are and always will be the man with a young

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