Big Data Technologies Case Study

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How Is Healthcare Sector Leveraging Big Data Technologies?

The global population of human beings has been roughly estimated to have touched the figure of 7 billion by now. Also, the last two decades have seen a very high surge in the world getting digitally connected in an amazing way – thanks to the rapid penetration of computers, the Internet and finally the mobile phone internet access that has now brought even the remotest areas of third world nations and most advanced regions of developed nations on the same platform.
Together, these two facts give rise to a startling observation – the world is growing fast in human population with more complex and voluminous health challenges to be met with, and this human population is churning out
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While in other business sectors, Big Data Analytics is primarily helpful in boosting sales, revenues and profits; in healthcare industry the approach helps in a multitude of ways apart from realizing the usual business benefits. It might help healthcare enterprises in arriving at nearly accurate predictions of serious epidemics, assessing drug impacts in curing various diseases, enhancing the overall quality of life of the general public by precise estimations regarding their lifestyle based behavioral patterns, and remarkably cutting down the dead count imminent due to various reasons. Still, there are a few prominent manners in which Big Data Analytics may be of great use to the healthcare sector, which is as…show more content…
The first one among them is the size of data that is increasing in an exponential manner moment by moment. According to a research paper published by IDC in collaboration with Seagate, the entire world will be producing around 163 ZB (Zettabytes) of data every year, by the year 2025. Right now, this figure stands at around 16.3 ZB, while 1 ZB = 1 Trillion GB or Gigabytes. Not only this, the research paper also estimates that around 60% of this data will be created by enterprises, including healthcare organizations. This, for sure, offers an idea of how crucial is Big Data going to be for every sector, and healthcare to needs to brace itself to be able to leverage the best out of this huge data in near

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