Advantages Of Bilingualism Essay

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Being bilingual has got many advantages. It has been debated that bilingualism has multiple advantages such as cognitive, cultural, academic benefits as well.Cognitive benefit reveals that being bilingual help to facilitate human brain. People who are bilingual have two language systems which are working simultaneously. These systems don’t create hindrance in individual’s performance and ensure brain’s functioning of both cognitive aspects (Bialystok, 1999). Another benefit of being bilingual is the ability if utilize and expressideas in different languages. When people are confronted in a situation and they have to provide answer for particular question then bilingualism enable individual to find the appropriate word from two different languages thus it help them to provide best answers. It also allow one to rely on their skills and enhance their cognitive skills.
However, it is also indicated that cognitive abilities of a bilingual individual is sharper than an individual who can only speak one language(Bialystok, Craik, &Luk, 2012). This has been observed that such people have great skills of accent neutralization, syntax understanding and code switching. Drastic changes are also witness on the part of being bilingual. It has been reasoned thatbilingual people have the capacity to grasp concept easily and they have the aptitude of learning language more easily then multilingual. Cognitive flexibility is also regarded as one of the major skills of bilingualindividual. It

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