Advantages Of Bio Materials

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BIO-MATERIALS Bio-materials are materials that are employed for biological purposes. They come under the category of ADVANCED MATERIALS i.e. materials that have high tech applications. According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), a bio-material is one which is exploited in contact with living tissues, organisms, and/or micro-organisms. Bio-materials are not a separate class of materials. Rather, they are common materials - naturally occurring or synthetically manufactured - that are deemed suitable for use in living organisms in general and humans in particular. Polymers, metals and ceramics are all examples of common biomaterials that are used in day to day medical procedures without complications. Sometimes, naturally occurring proteins such as collagen are also used as bio-materials with slight modifications, if required. Bio-materials have lots of uses in the field of medicine. They can be used for purposes as simple as a stent in cardiovascular surgery or as complex as a pacemaker or bone implants. They have uses in the field of dentistry too. Dental surgery, tooth fillings and dental caps all make use of bio-materials. Furthermore, bio-materials are also used by ophthalmologists for contact lenses etc. Auto-transplants i.e. transplant of body organs and tissues (skin etc.) to other parts of the body also come under the scope of bio-materials. Bio-materials are further used for artificial tissue regeneration, bone joint replacements,

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