Advantages Of Biodegradable Packaging

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Packaging is part the end of a production process food or other products. Packaging useful to increase the consumer revenue, also reduce degrees damage during the transport of products. Packaging is also one of a way to protect or adding power savings food products and non-food. Packaging is not only aimed to preserve, but also be a means of supporting in transportation, distribution, and forms an important part of an effort to overcome competition product marketing. Packaging industry mostly dominated by plastic materials and it has resulted in an increase of plastic waste which directly destroying the environment. Such materials cannot be degrading easily, expensive for the recycling and causes contamination to food stuffs. One of the alternative ways to solve this problem is biodegradable films.Recently studies on biodegradable packaging films for the replacement of synthetic polymer-based food packaging materials have increased (Abdorreza, Cheng, & Karim, 2011). Biodegradable packaging materials can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide, and inorganic compounds without toxic residues (Siracusa, Rocculi, Romani, & Dalla Rosa, 2008). However, biodegradable packaging has shown some limitations in terms of thermal resistance, water barrier function, mechanical properties, and costs.One of the greatest inventions in biodegradable packaging is edible packaging film.
Any type of material used for coating and wrapping various foods to extend shelf life of the product that may

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