Advantages Of Biometrics

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Today many biometric technologies such as face, iris, voice print and hand based biometrics traits (palm print or fingerprint) can be used to identify persons. Each biometrics has its advantages and defects; no single biometric can effectively meet all requirements like accuracy, practicality and cost of all applications (Maltoni, Maio, Jain, & Prabhakar, 2003). Some of the most frequently used biometric systems are shown in figure 1.2.
Face Recognition (Li and Jain, 2005) identifies user or people by analyzing the unique features of the face, which are not changed during the lifespan of the person unless and until some real wound or damage occurs. The features include color of eye, color of skin, and nose shape and the upper outlines of the
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Keystroke progression or dynamics is identified with the way individuals sort characters on consoles. Its consideration as a developing biometric trademark is supported by mental examinations, which exhibited that human dreary or routine activities are unsurprising and understandable and along these lines, an individual could be described by their keystroke flow (Nauman & Ali, 2010). Gait is a budding feature for behavioural biometrics which works based on walking style or habit of the human beings (Ailisto et al., 2005; Mäntyjärvi et al., 2005). Most of the gait recognition approaches are based on machine observation techniques and it’s not well suited for sophisticated or dedicated high security systems. Voice biometrics is yet another type of behavioural biometrics which extracts information from stream of speech signals by measuring its properties pitch, amplitude and frequency (Woodward et al., 2003).
Fingerprint identification is one of the most important biometric technologies compared to other biometrics due to its popularity and widely available technologies since the early 1975 (Halici et al., 1999), which has drawn a considerable amount of interest recently. A fingerprint is a physiological feature of an individual that uniquely identifies the person based on fingerprint ridge and valley pattern (Jain and Maltoni, 2003). As fingerprint is the main focus of this research, it is discussed elaborately in following

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