Persuasive Essay About Boarding High School

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Because of Harry Porter, thousands of children are attracted by Hogwarts, which is a mysterious and wonderful magic school. Harry not only gained a lot of magic knowledge from outstanding people around him and experienced a series of interesting and exciting challenges but also built strong friendships and learned how to deal with people like Malfoy there. If he lived with his relatives instead of going to Hogwarts, he would not be the greatest wizard and saved the world. Although it is only an interesting magic story, nowadays more and more students go to boarding high schools. It might be a student’s own choice or the request from parents. Whatever the reasons, they think a boarding high school is better than a day school. Environmental factors absolutely play an vital role in the period of adolescents. Boarding high schools can provide students with better conditions of developments in all areas than day schools. In this essay, I will going to talk about advantages of boarding high schools.
Boarding high schools can improve students’ abilities of dealing with interpersonal relation. Generally speaking, students who still live with their parents get along with classmates and teachers when they are in the school. After school, they usually come in contact with only families, especially their parents. They are limited in their own personal relations. And parents are usually more tolerant in family relationships …show more content…

Students there can get a better environment to focus on study, improve their social skills, boost the relationship with parents and so on. In conclusion, boarding high schools can provide students with better conditions to promote overall development than day schools. However, parents of boarders should go to visit their childre as long as possible. Although they are more independent than other contemporaries, they still need care from their

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