Advantages Of Books And E-Books

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Reading nowadays is one of the best times for others and there are many reading materials that we also use for our new generation. And our new generation is more on gadgets now, and one of these gadgets is E-book for a new form of reading material or a reference for getting information through reading. But many are against for this kind of reading material maybe because we are just used to print books as our reading material, but it is not just the reason why printed books should be used over the famous E-book. Printed books should be used because you can read it in different places, it’s durable, and it doesn’t require any power source. And most especially, books have a higher collection value. Books are much healthier for our body, especially to our eyes. You can easily understand the story or articles from books than this electronic device. And you can keep this book as one of your treasures and even though it was kept to your bookshelf for 100 years, it can still be read and the book still has its value, the text inside of the book the essence of the story is still there. When it comes to education the use of E-books should not be implemented. E-books require attention in handling and storing documents to avoid losing data and some readers prefer paper instead of a computer screen because it can cause eye vision problem. And because of that printed books should be used rather than E-books.

“Many people still prefer being able to hold a traditional book in their hands.
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