Advantages Of British Education System

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As a developed country, Britain has its own advanced education system which has a long history. In nineteenth century, the education was only aimed to those rich and powerful, which costed a lot of fees. But what the British people should feel happy is that the education system is developing. Compared with that time, nowadays, ordinary people have much more opportunities to expose to education. They can study what they like and better develop themselves. However, there are still unfair and ineffective parts in British education system. In this essay, I will first illustrate the unfair and ineffective parts of the education system from three aspects, and then I will provide some suggestions about how to develop it compared with China’s system.…show more content…
What obvious is that the rich people and ordinary people will receive different education. Nowadays, British main education system is the system of comprehensive schools, which provides education for all students. Certainly, different state school has different education level. There also exist private schools, which have much better educational level and more excellent teachers because of their abundant fund. The private schools have set up scholarship, as well. On the one hand, the pupils who are from rich families or more able will be sent to the private schools by their parents for a better education. Compared with them, those who are less able and from ordinary families will go to state schools and receive an ordinary education. Different education, different future. This divides them to separated groups and it is extremely unfair. On the other hand, even in the ordinary people who will send their children to state schools, some wealthier will try hard to move to a region where has a better state school. It is also a less equality of education. Those above-mentioned makes the opportunities of all the pupils to receive the same level education
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