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B2B is the abbreviation of ‘business to businesses. It is simply defined as e-commerce between companies. It is sales made from business to business. B2B often take the form of one manufacturer might sell to a car manufacturer. Wholesalers company selling supplies or components to another. B2B applications are in the area of supplier management, inventory management, distribution management and payment management.

For example, a tire manufactures often sell their tire to a car manufacture.
To understand B2C thoroughly, it’s imperative to contrast it with B2B or business-to-business. Simply, B2B transactions are done between two businesses while B2C refers to transactions between businesses
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It means the use of the internet for public procurement, licensing procedures and other government related work. There are two features related with this e-commerce. First one is related with the public sector assumes a leading role in establishing e-commerce. Second one is assumed that the public sector needs for making its procurement system more…show more content…
While E-commerce is the sales done by two parties with the help of internet E-business is day-to-day business function which is done in a firm over internet or other electronic devices. Electronic business includes collaborating with distributors on sales promotions, interacting with and servicing the customers, and conducting joint research with parties’ Business is a term often used in conjunction with e-commerce, but includes services in addition to the sale of goods. The terms created in the late 1980s and early 1990s as the Internet started becoming part of everyday life. Think of all the types of businesses in a normal economy. You have retailers that sell directly to the consumer. You have wholesalers who sell to retailers. You have manufacturers who sell to the wholesalers. You have service providers that sell services to help the rest of the economy work.
Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, all of those businesses found ways to use the Internet to be more productive, thus, in some way, becoming e-businesses. Soon, the term 'e-commerce ' was in use, still referring to e-business activities but often being more focused on the buying or selling transactions. Different types of E-business are as

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