Advantages Of Capitalism In The World

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Capitalism is spreading through the World every year. Class struggles that come with capitalism is causing poverty and hunger in all over the World. However, most of the World is still leading by capitalism. However, world still has a chance, the chance that comes with communism. Communism comes with equality and socially strong communities. Communism comes with nationalism. Opposite of capitalism, communism is a better economic way for development of a nation. Leading economic system in the World, capitalism, brings to World plenty of disadvantages, such as class struggles, unemployment, recession and social problems. People can examine capitalism’s class struggles in two titles: inequality and monopolism. Firstly, inequality is basically differing rights between citizens. It can be educational rights or economical unbalance. For starting, unbalanced educational rights is a very common situation in World. For example, education quality of an American university is not same as a Turkish university. In a matter of fact, if people look at World university ranking list, they would realize that there is only one Turkish university in top 100. However, there are 45 American universities in top 100 (’’World University Rankings 2014-2015’’). This means that a Turkish…show more content…
One of the great benefits of this is people share the rewards equally. This means that if they work harder they have a better reward. This causes national development. For example, in the periods of 1928-40, Soviets’ national income growth was 14% (Harrison, 141-67). The other benefit of people work for nation is people will share a common goal. This causes national development too. Because of government gives job in communist system, there are not any unemployment. Everyone could work. Employment is a great factor on development. To conclude, in communist nations, because of people work for nation, the development would be bigger than

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