Cast Iron Skillet Research Paper

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An indispensable tool, the cast iron skillet is the most common indoor and outdoor cooking utensil. Quality cast iron skillets conduct heat evenly and consistently, with absolutely no hot spots. With proper care it will last beyond a lifetime, and it’s inexpensive too, making it a great value. The benefits of a cast iron skillet cannot be beat. Its non-stick, seasoned surface lets food glide right out of the pan like no Teflon can, it won’t warp, and it can be used anywhere -- stove, oven, grill or campfire. If you have not yet added cast iron pans to your kitchen armada, its well worth the time and money to invest in some. Cast iron skillets are cast in all kinds of shapes and sizes for the many uses in today 's kitchen. You can even try…show more content…
Called the Lodge Logic and Lodge Pro Logic, this series of pre-seasoned cookware is totaling over three quarters of Lodge cast iron sales. This inventive series uses an electrostatic oil spray process combined with high temperatures. It 's resulting "patina" leaves a handsome look and superior performance to self seasoning, and it is ready to use immediately, saving you time to do what matters most; flavor-full cooking. Save up to 30% on Lodge cast iron cookware. A cast iron skillet works best when pre-heated. To test for readiness, sprinkle water droplets on the heated surface. Ideally, the droplets should sizzle, then roll and hop around the pan. If the water evaporates immediately after being dropped, the pan is too hot. If water only bubbles in the pan, it is generally not hot enough. Note: If using a campfire, be especially attentive of the coals as to avoid hot or cool spots. This can be best achieved by building up 2-3 inches of coals, which can then be spread out as needed for the recipe used. Even better, is to toss some charcoal briquettes into the fire, then draw them aside after ignited and use for

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